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Exclusive Listings: Gain access to a coveted portfolio of properties, including hidden gems and exclusive off-market opportunities.

Seamless Transactions: Our team expertly navigates legalities, paperwork, and negotiations, ensuring a smooth and secure transaction.

Beyond the Sale: Our commitment extends beyond the sale. We provide ongoing support, connecting you with trusted renovation partners, property management services, and local area insights.

Global Network: Benefit from our extensive network of developers and investors, granting you access to exclusive properties before they hit the market.

Trustworthy Guidance: We prioritize transparency and integrity, ensuring informed decision-making throughout your property purchase journey.

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Buying FAQs

Which documents are required for purchasing a property in Dubai?

Before purchasing a property in Dubai, it's essential to gather the necessary documents to streamline the process smoothly. If you're buying from a developer in the primary market, as an individual, you'll typically need to provide a copy of your passport. For companies, the requirements are a bit more extensive and include documents such as Articles of Incorporation, Registration Certificate, Power of Attorney (POA) of the authorized signatory, and a Board of Directors Resolution.

Here's a breakdown of the documents needed:

For Individual Sellers and Buyers:

Original Title DeedOriginal passportEmirates IDBank Statements

For Corporate Sellers and Buyers:

Original Title DeedOriginal Certificate ofIncorporation/Trade LicenseOriginal Memorandum and Articles of AssociationLegal Translation of the Memorandum andArticles of AssociationOriginal Certificate of Good Standing (not more than 6 months old)Original Certificate of Incumbency (not more than 6 months old)Copy of shareholder(s) passport(s)Original Resolution approving the sale or purchaseOriginal Power of AttorneyAttorney's original passport

Please note that the list of corporate documents may vary, so it's advisable to have your documents pre-approved by the Dubai Land Department. Additionally, any documents not in Arabic must be translated into Arabic by a certified legal translator before submission to the Dubai Land Department or the developer.

It's crucial to ensure you have both the original and prepared copies of these documents for submission. This helps expedite the process and ensures compliance with legal requirements. If you have any doubts or questions about the required documents, don't hesitate to reach out to us for guidance.

Is Physical Presence in Dubai Necessary for Property Acquisition?

Foreigners who are not residents of the United Arab Emirates are allowed to own property in Dubai within specified freehold areas, subject to certain regulations.

How can non-residents purchase property in Dubai?

Non-residents have the option to invest in property within leasehold zones close to the city center or freehold areas across the emirate. It is essential for foreign buyers to possess a valid passport. To navigate the process smoothly, it's advisable to collaborate with a reputable local Dubai real estate agent or directly engage with developers to identify the perfect property and complete the required documentation.

What is the minimum age requirement for property purchase in Dubai?

While minors can be represented in property transactions by their parents or legal guardians, the minimum age for purchasing property in Dubai, as well as other Emirates in the UAE, is 21 years old.

What fees applicable when buying a property in Dubai?

In Dubai's real estate market, there are specific regulations in place to safeguard both buyers and sellers. This entails paying upfront fees that are separate from the property's purchase price. These fees can vary depending on the property type and may differ across different areas.

Here's a breakdown of the transfer and registration fees:

DLD Fees: 4% of the property price plus administrative fees (AED 580 for apartments and offices, AED 430 for land, AED 40 for off-plan).
Registration fees for properties valued below AED 500,000: AED 2000 plus 5% VAT.
Registration fees for properties valued above AED 500,000: AED 4000 plus 5% VAT.
Dubai Land Department mortgage registration fees: Up to 0.25% of the loan amount plus AED 290.

It's crucial to note that DLD fees must be settled within 60 days for the purchase process to proceed smoothly.

What Does the Property Buying Process in Dubai Entail?

The steps to purchase a property can differ based on your location:

Determine your budget.Secure a mortgage if necessary.Locate a RERA-certified broker.Submit a purchase offer.Place the deposit.Obtain the NOC (No Objection Certificate).Complete the property transfer.Congratulations, you are now a property owner!"
Have more questions? Feel free to send us a message and a property consultant will get in touch with you shortly.

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